Course and ship introductions

Port of
embarkation / Route

You can board from Kashikojima Port.

  • Kashikojima
  • Ago Bay Cruise – Approx. 50 min.
  • Kashikojima
  • ピックアップ

    Pick up

  • ピックアップ

    Pick up


Key points of the course


Pearl rafts

Ago Bay became the birthplace of pearl cultivation more than 130 years ago, and it has developed along with the changing times.
Akoya pearl oyster rafts consist of ropes floating on the surface of the sea like longlines with spherical plastic floats approx. 30 cm in diameter attached at regular intervals and with the Akoya oysters hanging below the surface. In the old days, the spherical floats used to be made of glass, which is why they are still referred to as “bindama (bottle balls)” to this day. This cruise passes between these “bottle balls” in several spots along the way.
To this day, natural gems created by living creatures are still being nurtured under the surface wherever you see these “bottle balls” floating, making this cruise a journey through the depths of history.


Scattered islands

Ago Bay is an intricately-formed rias coastline where the land is only slightly above sea level and forests cover the flat coastal terrace.
The scattered islands are similarly low in elevation, and the thick evergreen broadleaf foliage growing close to the surface of the sea creates a unique landscape.
We invite you to take a cruise to experience both nature and history.


Ship information


The Esperanza, which means “hope” in Spanish, is a three-masted sailing ship, and its design is inspired by the ships known as carracks from the Spanish Age of Discovery.
Its large, brightly-colored hull makes the journey all the more enjoyable.

  • 経験豊富なキャプテンやクルーが乗船

    Our experienced captain and crew are on board to ensure your safety and enjoyment.
    Allow us to be your escorts on your journey.

  • 開放感抜群な3階オープンデッキ

    From the spaciously open deck on level 3, you can enjoy viewing the calm, quiet waters of Ago Bay to your heart’s content.
    We invite you to experience the unspoiled natural landscape of Japan.


There are guestrooms on level 2, including a special “Isabella” room with a private observation deck near the bow and binoculars.
Enjoy a relaxing time amidst the classical interior design.

Adults (Junior high school students and older) Children (Elementary school students and younger)
500yen 300yen

・Capacity: 20 people

・Please inquire at the café on the second floor of the ship. Available on a first-come, first-served basis.However, depending on the status of private reservations, we may not be able to accommodate your request.

・If you wish to reserve the room, you can make a reservation by the day before your boarding date.
Private Reservation Fee: 10,000 yen per room (Capacity: 20 people)
Reservations: Kashikojima Office, Tel: +81-599-43-1023

*Please refrain from bringing pets onboard.

  • エスペランサ特別室「イサベラ」
  • エスペランサ特別室「イサベラ」
  • エスペランサ特別室「イサベラ」
  • エスペランサ特別室「イサベラ」

The G7 Transportation Ministers’ Meeting in
Ise-Shima, Mie was held on June 16, 2023,
and the ministers in charge of transportation
from each country boarded
our ship to spend a meaningful time
on the Ago Bay.

*The Conditions of Carriage (Passenger Transportation Section) apply to the use of this service.