Course and ship introductions

  • Pearl Island & Toba Aquarium
  • Toba Marine Terminal
  • Dolphin Island
    (Port of call)
  • Pearl Island &
    Toba Aquarium
  • Toba
    Marine Terminal

Boarding port with convenient access

Approximately 5-10 minutes on foot from Kintetsu and JR Toba Station!


Tourist attractions also nearby

Toba Aquarium and Mikimoto Pearl Island within walking distance


Mitsushima Island

At the beginning of your cruise, you can see Mitsushima Island, composed of three islands in a row and one of the most well-known sights in Toba. The islands are beloved by local residents as well.
If you look closely, you can see a slightly more than 2-meter-tall statue of Hitotsuba Kannon enshrined between the second and third islands from the left to serve as a guardian deity of the sea. When viewing it, you can feel the level of devotion by which those whose jobs are related to the ocean and ships pray for safety at sea.


The Toba cityscape

As the lights guiding ships toward the entrance to Toba Port come into view, you will catch sight of the Toba cityscape, with stone walls of castle ruins across the hilly terrain, and monuments and tourist spots that have attracted attention on social media.
The view from the sea is an overlap of the historical and the modern, and your level of excitement will rise once again even though you’re in the latter half of the cruise.

  • Flower Mermaid
  • Ryugujo
  • Mitsushima
    (Small ship)

Flower Mermaid

The hull has a modern-style, flowing form. The port side is decorated with hamanadeshiko, the official flower of Toba City, and the starboard side with hamayu, the flower representing Ise-Shima, for a unique design that makes it look like a different ship depending on the direction from which you view it.

Passenger capacity 360 passengers
Gross tonnage Approx. 199 tons
Cruising speed Approx. 12 knots
Seating capacity Level 1: 69 seats / Level 2: 62 seats
Overall length / width 39.0m / 7.1m

Mermaids welcome you as you board the ship.
Take your time and relax in the elegant ship.


The open deck offers
a great sense of spaciousness
as well as the sight of giant seagulls!



The exterior of the ship is decorated to look like the dream world of Dragon Palace. The hull is decorated with three-dimensional ornaments depicting Urashima Taro, Otohime, turtles, sea bream, flatfish, and shrimp, which all appeared in the legend of the Dragon Palace, as well as depictions of kelp reminiscent of the ocean floor.

Passenger capacity 360 passengers
Gross tonnage Approx. 199 tons
Cruising speed Approx. 11 knots
Seating capacity Level 1: 71 seats / Level 2: 66 seats
Overall length / width 34.4m / 7.5m

Unique decorations depicting the world of
Urashima Taro are an attraction all on their own.


Open deck with a great sense of spaciousness.
You can enjoy the scenery in elegance.


Mitsushima(Small ship)

The small hull, about the same size as a large sightseeing bus, makes the ship to be agile, and allows passengers to experience the sea surface and breeze close at hand.

Passenger capacity 85 passengers
Gross tonnage Approx. 19 tons
Cruising speed Approx. 15 knots
Seating capacity 74 seats
Overall length / width 16.00m / 7.1m

*The Conditions of Carriage (Passenger Transportation Section) apply to the use of this service.