Terminal access


Toba Marine Terminal

This is the main terminal, and it offers spacious waiting facilities.
It is designed with curves reminiscent of a pearl necklace, and at night, you can enjoy seeing it lit up with LED lights.
The second floor is equipped with an exchange lounge and an exchange deck overlooking Toba Bay, and you can also dine here.

Address: 1-2383-51 Toba, Toba City, Mie Prefecture 517-0011

真珠島・水族館前 のりば

Pearl Island & Toba Aquarium Pick Up/Drop Off Dock

This offers the most convenient access to Mikimoto Pearl Island and Toba Aquarium.
You can also enjoy the surrounding spots before and after boarding the ship.

Address: 1-7 Toba, Toba City, Mie Prefecture 517-0011

When coming by public transportation (when riding a Kintetsu limited express)

公共交通機関でお越しの場合 公共交通機関でお越しの場合

When coming by car (when taking the expressway)

お車でお越しの場合 お車でお越しの場合

When coming by car (when taking the Isewan Ferry)

お車でお越しの場合 お車でお越しの場合
Satahama Parking Lot (requires a fee)
Basic fee 500 yen/2 hours (free for 1 hour or less)
Additional fees From 2 to 5 hours: 300 yen per hour
More than 5 hours: 100 yen per hour
Operated by: Toba City Development Public Corporation(official website)